About Us

On January 25, 2015, Swoboda Deaf Center (SDC) officially opened its doors as the very first community center established for the deaf and hard of hearing in the Chicagoland area. SDC is a venue open to the Deaf community and their families/friends, providing a convenient, comfortable, safe and social environment. Swoboda Deaf Center offers access to various programs, educational classes, workshops, events and social activites. 

This center is dedicated to a wonderful Deaf woman, Lynn Swoboda. Lynn was a great teacher, the wife of Thomas Swoboda and a mother to 10 children. She brought joy, compassion, peace and understanding to those she met. Lynn was devoted to helping other people in every way.

Our special thanks go out to Father Joe Mulcrone who is a strong advocate, working tirelessly for 38 years with the Deaf community.

Phillip and Alice Vella can say their dream back in 1996 came true. They were  the ones who established Chicago Area Catholic Deaf Center Foundation, who dreamed of establishing a new community center for the deaf. Vella Hall, our banquet hall, was named after the Vellas.

To date, Swoboda Deaf Center has welcomed many visitors and has received positive comments. Please contact us for a tour of the center or to schedule your event(s).

SDC is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Monetary donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated!